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The Judgement Day Is Coming

Yeah, as the title says “The Judgement Day”, in this post we will be discussing about the day after our death when we meet Jesus Christ. Every human being will come across his own Judgement, no matter who he was during his life time. The Judgement day comes after your death when you meet Jesus in heaven. You will have to give him statement about how you have lived your life.

Yeah my friends, we might live our life as we want in this world. But always remember you will have to answer Jesus for the activities you do in your life, no matter how wealthier or powerful you are in the worldly life. There are four important things in your life for which you will hold the responsibility. They are your words, work, thoughts and secrets.

judgement day

As the famous saying, the wound created by spoken words won’t vanish so soon. Yeah it’s pretty much true, if you hurt a person through words or throw unwanted statement about him to others. It’s going to cost you much in heaven. Words once spoken are hard to get back. So use the words which will please others no matter what the situation be, we the children of Jesus are brought up to speak good words. We should never act like a common man because we are the children of Jesus.

And next comes our work, its indeed a place where we spend most of our time apart from home. Your action at work place will make you to get good name among your co-workers. Don’t try to overtake anyone with wrong activities. They are after-al your co-workers, treat them like your close ones, love them like Jesus Christ loves you and care for them most. Live an ethical life, that’s what going to please our father. At the end of the day, you will have to account for your work activities.

Final two things are more or less similar. Yeah they are your thoughts and secrets. Many human beings in this world look good at their outer world, but are too cruel in their heart. Yeah their thoughts are unkind and harsh. They think and act negatively. Many of us even have so many secrets. These secrets are mostly kept away from our loved ones or from persons who believe us but remember you will have to answer for your negative thought and secrets to Jesus. He will ask you why you have hidden the secret from the person who loved you, why you had negative thoughts when you portrayed yourself as a good person to the outside world. So we the children of Jesus should have positive thoughts, don’t think harm for anyone in your life. If you have any secrets which you have hidden from your loved ones, please don’t keep it in your heart. This is the time, share it out with them. This will not only help you improve your worldly relationship but will certainly make our father Jesus happy.

From today onwards, make it a point to speak proper words, show good character and behavior at work place, remove all your bad thoughts, and don’t have any secrecy in your life. This will help you to live your life happily and help you win the love of our Daddy. So at the day of Judgement, you will never have to worry about what Jesus will ask you for all the bad activities nor will he punish you. He is our father; he will never ever punish but will try to correct us when we deviate from our holy life. Since it’s his responsibility to make his children live a holy life


As in the days when you came out of Egypt, I will show them my wonders

Micah 7:15

As in the days when you came out of Egypt, I will show them my wonders.

Happy New Year to Everyone!!! Praise the Lord!!

First of all, i would like to thank and praise our almighty father for protecting us from evil that endangered us last year. Thanks be to god.

As i sat in the church for the new year mass, eagerly awaiting for the new year message and new verse for the year. It was a powerful and confident building verse that was offered by our almighty.

Bible Verse - Micah 7:15
It was from Micah 7:15, “As in the days when you came out of Egypt, I will show them my wonders.” As soon as i got this verse, i was filled with joy. Almighty Father say’s he is going to guide me through marvellous things. Though last year was a satisfied one concerning my career, it was a tough time for my family. I lost my grandma who thought me everything about this world, who grew me up with knowledge that helps me survive in this world. She passed away leaving us in a tumor of shock. We never expected it.

Then there was many occassion where we were in the doorsteps of a hospital. But throughout those hard times, my almight father gave me courage and strength as he always does to withstand those hard moments. When i got this verse i was overwhelmed with joy and surprise. As we read through the chapter 7 of Micah 14:17, Our father says that you are going to experience miracles in your life. Dont worry about the bad things you have experienced, this year you will see my miracles as in days when you came out of Egypt.

People who made fun of you, those who cursed you will be ashamed of their act towards you. “They will lick dust like a snake, like creatures that crawl on the ground. They will come trembling out of their dens; they will turn in fear to the LORD our God and will be afraid of you“. Be strong in your faith towards our almighty father, for he is going to do what he has promised to do for you. He will never let you down at any instance. Praise him and follow his words, for his miracles are approaching you at rapid speed. He will shower his blessing abandontly on you this year.

The children of Jesus are going to triumph. Jesus is looking at all of us. He looks at our sufferings each day. He is willing to do miracles for you but ask one thing in return. Its your heart, will you give your heart to him? Surrender yourself to Jesus and pray, you will be blessed.

Thanks be to God!!

Be Bold – Know For Sure That No Weapon Formed Against You Will Prosper…

We should believe in Jesus and the promise he has given us. He will never ever let his children suffer.

Be Bold – Know For Sure That No Weapon Formed Against You Will Prosper…
isaiah 54:17

Be Bold – Know For Sure That No Weapon Formed Against You Will Prosper

Be bold and face any consequences in life with Jesus Christ in your heart. For there will be no weapons formed against you by your enemies to hunt you down. Jesus will fight for you. He is our leader, surrender all your worries unto him and relax. If you truely follow the words of Jesus and believe in him completely.

There is no weapon thats going to hurt you nor be formed against you. Place your life and heart completely in the hands of Jesus. What we need to do is just follow our savior, rest will be taken care by him. He will bring down all your enemies before you. Our father will always make us walk in the path of light.

Though you may experience darkness at some stage of your life, dont lose hope in Jesus. Hold onto him as tight as possible. For that darkness will just make you more stronger and wiser. God wont allow us to face any situation that we can’t take up. He has given his life for us, will he have the heart to hurt us.

No, he his our father, he will only guide us in path of light. When we move away from his track and lose faith in him. He will sometimes threaten you but he will never ever punish you.

If there are enemies raising against you, who try to hinder your faith in Jesus. Dont worry, just let them to Jesus. He knows to handle them and teach them that you are his son\daughter. He knows to give you best at the right time. Those weapons and sufferings that you are going to experience will surely make you prosper in life rather than darkening your light. Because we are the children of Jesus Christ, who dares to hurt us when our father is walking along side us.

My First Job

This is one of my testimonial to My Father Jesus Christ.

There was a time when i completed my engineering degree and got a unsatisfied job. Since it was a time of recession where there is hardly any work for anyone in the state. Though it was my decision to join that unsatisfied job, i took that forceful decision with hard heart, and my soul fighting against my decision.

Finally i joined, the job atmosphere which i never liked from the day one. With a heavy heart i started my work there and time passed by. It was almost a month and half. I got my first salary, but i was not satisfied….. I am really not….. I never wanted that work ….. It was not worth for my studies… But why am i working here….. With lots of confusion. I finally decided to quit.

Jesus Loves You

I took that brave decision because i knew that my father JESUS CHRIST was and will be with me. People convinced me not to quit.. Many showed their angry faces towards my decision. One of them commented “Are you mad… If you’re to quit in a month from your first job,, Why did you ever join in it”.. Yeah it was a valid comment from them. But i am human being who is prone to make mistake. I am prepared to face the agony which might come because of my decision, this was my answer. I have take a important decision in my life for the first time though it didn’t please anyone much.

I knew my father JESUS CHRIST wont let me down… It was almost 6 months from the day when i quit my first job. To my disappointment, i never got a job for 6 months after that… I am beginning to lose hope. Did i take a wrong decision, My Father ??? I began to doubt my savior. My eyes were filled with tears whenever i came out of interviews not getting selected. I attend nearly a hundred interviews. Still no rays of sun in my land.. I felt dark, my confidence beginning to vanish.

I prayed to JESUS more than ever, with tears……… JESUS heard my prayers

The day came. It was a new year eve, when each and everyone in my church was filled with joy of new year. As like everyone, i kept my sorrows aside me and began to celebrate the new year. As priest was about to end the mass session in church, everyone in church was given a bible verse in hand. They gave me a verse too. To my surprise, JESUS spoke to me through the verse.

“Neither say they in their heart, Let us now fear the LORD our God, that giveth rain, both the former and the latter, in his season: he reserveth unto us the appointed weeks of the harvest.” –    Jeremiah 5:24

I was so much excited when i got this verse. It was like Jesus saying me that he will provide me a good job at the right time.

To my surprise exactly a week after the incident, i got a good job, though the salary is lesser than the previous one. I got the job satisfaction which i longed for and lacked in my first job. I love the job which Jesus has given me… As time passed by, now i am in a very good position with good salary feeling the presence of Jesus Christ around me each and every second.


LORD is my rock, my fortress and my deliverer

The LORD is my rock, my fortress and my deliverer; my God is my rock, in whom I take refuge, my shield and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold. – Psalm 18:2

Bible Verse Psalm 18:2

Our Lord Jesus Christ is our “rock, fortress and deliverer”. He knows our happiness, sorrows, needs and wants. He will never let us down in any situation.

If at all we face a horrible situation in our life, never get bugged down by evil spirit… Lift yourself with Jesus in our heart. I have experienced this myself at each and every time when I am down in confidence and felt nothing goes right in my way.

But then I take some time away from my normal life and sit before Jesus to seek his guidance. Our father will make my confidence so high such that all of a sudden darkness before me disappears. There are times where I could feel his presence around me and there are times where he could send his angel through someone to give me needed confidence.

I thank god for all he had done to me so far. He has given me a real ANGEL in my life to lift my spirit whenever I am down. I hold on to my Father, as he is my rock, my fortress and my deliverer. We need to think of him each and every second in our life. Don’t wait for the time to fall down so that you can look up to him for help.

Praise and thank him for each and every second of your heart beat, as your alive in this earth only because of him.

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